Hon. Speaker, Florence Mwangangi welcomes His Excellency, The Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua
Opening Session of the Machakos Assembly" to "The opening of the Second Assembly"
His Excellency The Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua addressing the Assembly
MCAs in Session
Clerk, Felix Mbiuki addresses the Opening Session



Mr Felix Mbiuki

Clerk Of The Assembly

The Clerk of a County Assembly is the Chief Procedural Advisor; the Chief Executive Officer; Authorised Officer; Accounting Officer and Secretary of the County Assembly Service Board.

The Clerk and the Staff serve in the County Assembly Service which appoints them; as they do not fall under the County Public Service Board.

Duties and Responsibilities

The administrative head of County Assembly

  • The Accounting Officer / Authorized Officer of the County Assembly
  • Secretary to the County Assembly Service Board
  • Responsible for implementation of all policy decisions of the County Assembly Service Board
  • Responsible   for   enhancing   public   understanding   and knowledge of the work of the County Assembly and increasing public accessibility
  • The Principal Advisor on all legislative procedures, practices and conventions and traditions to the Speaker of the County Assembly, other presiding officers  and to all  Honorable Members
  • The Chief Advisor to the Speaker in exercise of all powers and functions that belong to the Speaker and through the Speaker to the House. He acts under authority and takes decisions in the Name of the Speaker. Orders passed by the Clerk are orders in the Name of the Speaker, and the latter accepts full responsibility for those Orders
  • Responsible for marshaling all legislative measures passed by the County Assembly
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Speaker of the County Assembly

Requirements for the Appointment

Pursuant to the provision of Section 12 of the County Government Act, a person shall not be qualified for appointment as a Clerk of the County Assembly unless such person:-

  • Is a Kenyan citizen
  • Holds a degree from a university recognized in Kenya or its equivalent
  • Has had at least five years relevant professional experience
  • Meets the requirements of leadership and integrity set out in Chapter Six of the Constitution
  • Has obtained the approval of the County Assembly upon recommendation of the County Assembly Service Board.