Hon. Speaker, Florence Mwangangi welcomes His Excellency, The Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua
Opening Session of the Machakos Assembly" to "The opening of the Second Assembly"
His Excellency The Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua addressing the Assembly
MCAs in Session
Clerk, Felix Mbiuki addresses the Opening Session

Assembly Leadership



Hon. Francis Ngunga                                              
Leader Of Majority                                                  

There shall be a Leader of the Majority Party and a Leader of the Minority Party.

The Leader of the Majority Party shall be the person who is the Leader in the County Assembly of the largest party or coalition of parties.

The Leader of the Minority Party, shall be the person who is the Leader in the County

Assembly of the second largest party or coalition of parties.

The Leader of Majority

The Majority Leader's role has largely been defined by history and tradition. Among other responsibilities, he is charged with scheduling legislation for floor consideration, on which he works closely with the Speaker and his Party's Whips. He helps plan daily, weekly, and annual legislative agendas; consults with Members to gauge sentiment on issues; urges colleagues to support or defeat measures on the floor; and, in general, works to advance the goals of the Majority Party.

The Majority Leader is also responsible for closely watching floor activities, especially the opposition party's parliamentary maneu­vers. By custom, he does not typically lead floor debate on major measures. At times he may serve as a spokesman for his party.

In addition, the Majority Leader is active in constructing winning coalitions for the party's legislative priorities; acting as a public spokesman — defending and explaining the Party's program and agenda.

The Leader Of The Minority

Hon. Alex Kamitu                                   
Leader Of Minority                                      

The Minority Leader speaks for the Minority Party and its poli­cies, strives to protect the minority's rights, organizes and leads criticism of the Majority Party, and devises parliamentary strate­gies and tactics that can put to best use the abilities of his party to influence legislative outcomes. The Minority Leader chairs his party's Committee Assignment Panel.

The Party Whips

Party Whips are essentially party political functionaries in a leg­islative assembly. In parliamentary language, a Whip is a Member designated by his or her party to assist in the management of par­ty affairs or business in the House. 

Hon Tariq Muema
Majority Whip
Hon Jacqueline N Munyao
Minority Whip


Among other matters, the Whip is expected to:

  • Organise party business in the House in consultation with party members
  • Link party leadership with the offices of the leadership / parties
  • Inform members of the party on the business pending in the House
  • Ensure that members of the party are present to articulate and vote on party issues in the House
  • Secure attendance of members both in Committees and the House
  • Maintain party discipline among members
  • In consultation with the Chair, arrange party membership of committees; delegations and other local and foreign assembly events
  • Maintain, in consultation with the Chair, the list of party members to speak in assembly debates.
  • Recommend to the party membership de-whipping of members
  • Allocate party members offices and other facilities on offer in the Assembly