Hon. Speaker, Florence Mwangangi welcomes His Excellency, The Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua
Opening Session of the Machakos Assembly" to "The opening of the Second Assembly"
His Excellency The Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua addressing the Assembly
MCAs in Session
Clerk, Felix Mbiuki addresses the Opening Session

House Business Committee


 Hon. Florence Mwangangi  
  1. Hon. Florence Mwangangi       Speaker
  2. Hon. Paul Museku                   Chairperson of Committees
  3. Hon. Francis Ngunga               Majority Leader
  4. Hon. Alex Kamitu                    Minority Leader
  5. Hon. Tariq Mulatya                  Majority Whip
  6. Hon. Jacqueline Nziva             Minority Whip
  7. Hon. Justus Kiteng’u
  8. Hon. Betty Nzioki
  9. Hon. Angela Munyasya
  10. Hon. Francis Kalumu
  11. Hon. Peter Mutiso
  12. Hon. George King’ori
  13. Hon. Annastacia Mutuku
  14. Hon. Joshua Muli
  15. Hon. Judas Ndawa  


 There shall be a Select Committee, to be designated the House Business Committee, consisting of—The House Business Committee shall be appointed within seven days on assembly of a new House.

  • The Speaker who shall be the Chairperson;
  • The Leader of the Majority Party;
  • The Leader of the Minority Party; and
  • not less than five and not more than seven other members, who shall be nominated by Assembly parties and approved by the House at the commencement of every Session, reflecting the relative majorities of the seats held by each of the Assembly parties in the Assembly and taking into consideration the interests of Independents.
  • In nominating the Members to the House Business Committee, each Assembly party shall include its Whip into the membership.
  • In the absence of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker shall attend and Chair the meetings of the House Business Committee.
  • The Chairperson and at least one third of the other members of the House Business Committee shall form a quorum.
  • If, for any reason, a member of the House Business Committee is unable to attend, the Leader in the House of the party which nominated that Member may appoint another Member in that Member’s place for the period for which the Member is unable to attend.