The Speaker, Hon. Florence Mwangangi welcomes Governor Alfred Mutua
The Hon. Speaker presides over opening of the second Assembly
H.E the Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua addressing the Assembly as Speaker Hon. Florence Mwangangi (far left) looks on
A cross-section of Members of the County Assembly during a plenary sitting-
Clerk of the County Assembly Mr. Felix Mbiuki addressing Members
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Hon Speaker


Hon Florence Mwangangi                       

Each County Assembly shall have a Speaker elected by the County Assembly from among persons who are not Members of the Assembly.

A sitting of the County Assembly shall be presided over by—

(a) The Speaker of the Assembly; or

(b) In the absence of the Speaker, another Member of the Assembly elected by the Assembly


Roles and Functions of The Speaker

  • Presiding over sittings of the Assembly and maintaining law and order in the House
  • Applying and interpreting the rules of procedure (Standing Orders), conventions, practices and precedents of the Assembly
  • Defender and protector of the Assembly privileges, practices and traditions
  • Is the Official Representative and Spokesperson of the Assembly both within and outside
  • Acts as the Chairperson of the top policy organ of Legislative Assembly
  • Administering the oath of office to Members
  • Recognizing Members for the purpose of speaking or making motions
  • Referring Bills and Resolutions to Committees
  • Putting Questions to a vote of Members
  • Declaring a quorum [or the absence of one
  • Counting and declaring all Votes
  • Deciding Points Of Order
  • Appointing House Members to Select and Sectoral Committees
  • Exercising additional Committee Appointment Authority
  • Making appointments to fill temporary vacancies in the Offices of the Clerk of the House and Sergeant–at-Arms
  • Signing all Bills and Resolutions passed by the Assembly
  • Receives all delegations from other jurisdictions and special visitors on behalf of the Assembly
  • The Speaker is the Final Authority on all matters touching on the interpretation and application of the practice and procedure of the Assembly at all times